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We are actively seeking highly motivated individuals who have an interest in the self-employed life style. Our plan provides the opportunity to work for yourself, from anywhere you wish. It allows you to avoid the high costs of office space, staffing, and all of the other issues which go with being self-employed.
We are looking for professionals who are seeking either a part-time or full-time experience which will afford them a superior income and lifestyle. Previous experience or education is inconsequential. We will provide the most basic marketing techniques and allow you the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable professionals in the industry through a specially designed training program developed by our colleagues at the Business Brokerage Press, the preeminent trainer of professionals in the Business Brokerage Industry.

We offer a three tier system for our associates;

The first tier is for that individual who really just wants to “test the waters” and spend 1-5 hours per week doing some basic marketing. They will have the opportunity to receive training and receive assistance from our professionals. Their compensation will be directly related to the time and energy spent on the business.

The second tier is for the individual looking for a “part-time” opportunity who is willing to spend 5-20 hours per week getting a bit more involved in their own marketing and education and really learning what the industry is all about. Their compensation is much higher than the Tier I broker.

The third tier is for the individual who wants to be “All In” in the industry. This then becomes their full time project. There are more training opportunities available and the compensation is at the top end of the industry.

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