Our Nationwide Business Broker Services

Business Brokerage

At Nationwide Business Brokerage, LLC, we specialize in facilitating the purchase and sale of businesses and investment opportunities. We help in the negotiation process and ensure a successful transaction from initial inquiry to the final closing.  Because the buyer and seller goals may vary, we act as the mediator for these delicate situations, helping both parties reach a satisfactory outcome. We are sure to maintain our clients confidentiality  on both sides of the table.  As we say at Nationwide, “Success is a Shared Experience”.

How to Sell a Business

So many business owners come to us asking how to sell their company. The brokers at Nationwide have written guide and online tutorial that includes the steps to take in selling your business. Use our “how to sell your business” online tutorial.  We also have compiled a list of our most frequently asked questions by business owners when they are considering selling their company.

Business and Company Valuation for Sellers

Often times in the exchange and sale of your company, a reliable valuation is absolutely necessary in moving forward effectively. That is why at Nationwide, we provide an objective and fair analysis of your business. We understand that every business has unique qualities that set it apart from others and our professionals are prepared to assist you in determining its fair value. Our valuation process is built on integrity and commitment to the customer, all the while working to maximize financial benefits for all parties involved.